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This was my cat, Gary, on Saturday at the vet. She needed some blood work done for her hyperthyroidism. She didn’t want to be caged up, but it was necessary.


And it’s exactly how I felt since Thursday with my former neighbor’s open house. When I came home from work Thursday and Friday evening, what was no more than 13 cars of folks looking at the house, would shrink down to just the realtor within 10 minutes of me being home.

It was like cockroaches scattering when the light came on!

Saturday, I thought I caught a break since the next open house wasn’t until Sunday afternoon. Plus, I was feeling better with my 6th blood pressure medication since New Years’ Day. So much so, that I went outside to do yard work. Had my headphones on, listening to some House music because the four-to-the-floor beat helps me focus. So I spent about 4-5 hours cleaning up.


Too bad it was interrupted. A lot. About once every 15-20 minutes, a car would drive by to stop and look at the hour for sale. Some would drive by one way, turn around and drive back past again. Others would add driving behind the house to view the backyard. And a few would get out to walk around the house.

One group decided to stop and ask me questions. I wanted nothing to do with it and told them I didn’t want to be involved. Not that they we’re bad neighbors — far from it. But I did that for 3 reasons:

1) I didn’t want to say anything that could be misinterpreted and affect the sale of someone else’s home,


2) I’m not entitled to a cut of the realtor’s commission, so I’m not helping him or her sale the home for free.

3) I wanted to be left the fuck alone on the first day in 4 months that I felt good and felt confident enough to do something physical.


Needless to say, I stayed in with the blinds closed yesterday. At least I watched Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse (3.5/4 stars IMO).

Also, I have the perfect “comic relief” in a Darwin Award nominee:

Rhino poacher killed by an elephant and then ‘devoured’ by lions


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