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*a mild rant, because I waited at least 2 1/2 hours to calm down first.

So today sucked.

It snowed again in Indianapolis until noon today. I think this is the 6th or 7th snowfall since the official start of Spring. Still more snow than we got all Winter. So no lawn work.


And that was the only good thing that happen today IMO.

Because, I had a dentist appointment. No biggie, right? In and out in about an hour, right?

Almost 3 1/2 hours latter, I emerged emotionally scarred. I will only share that I was numbed by 2 q-tips to make me a look like a walrus and 8 injections. Also, I’m easily amused by the fact that almost all instruments in a dentist’s office look like they were created by David Cronenberg.

This completely screwed my day. I need to shop while everyone else was at work. That didn’t really happen.


So I tried to come home and be productive by getting UPS to schedule a pickup of a freezer that Amazon sent me last week that was heavily damaged in shipping.

Behold the horror


Except, I can’t schedule a pickup without paying for it. Apparently, Amazon gave me a return UPS slip that isn’t prepaid for scheduling a pickup. You have to A) take to a UPS store, which I can’t because I have POS car and not a truck or SUV, and B) Leave it out front and hope for the best while you are at work.


What a shit way for Amazon to treat their Prime customers. I don’t want to have to send them a nasty email.

Fuck it. I’m tired and can’t think straight. I’m going to bed. Goodnight, Oppo.

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