Muck Funday

So back on Festivus, I went off on how someone screwed over an extremely reliable supplier by running their mouth to the wrong individual. Then about 10 days ago I mentioned that there was an executive level meeting regarding this. It seem that it went well enough that I was under the impression that things could go back to normal.

Well on Friday I got an email from the supplier. Basically, they’re kicking us to the curb. It sounds like the original sin caused such an unsettling uproar with their folks during the holidays and beyond that they decided we weren’t worth the trouble.

To be blunt, I’m devastated because this was caused by actions above my pay grade and I have no control of the situation. It ruined my weekend because my anxiety went into overdrive. We try to cut costs by using them. Now our costs will more than double via another supplier. It is beyond frustrating being in this dilemma.


I can only hope that these differences will be addressed. But again, it’s above my pay grade and I have no control over this.

I think this photo sums things up:

It used to be a C7 Corvette.

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