Mucking Fundays

What a day. It started with a part that had been machined by a local shop. They’ve been jacking us around lately and doing piss poor work. The last three jobs they’ve done have been shit and they’ve basically told us to piss off. First thing this morning I show up with both pieces of the part they had machined for us.

Them: Looks like you need a new one.
Me: This is on you.
Them: We can bill you to machine another one.
Me: The last three jobs you’ve done for us have been crap work.
Them: Looks like you need to find a new machine shop.
Me: That’s how it’s going to be?
Them: Yes.


Me: Sorry I wasted your time.

Then I go to the Ford dealer to talk to the salesman about how good they’ve done “fixing” my RS head gasket. He listens to the story, then tells me he needs to talk to the dealership GM, and will call me back ASAP. On my way back to work I get the call and he asks me to come back and talk to the GM. Their response. Yep, we screwed the pooch, good thing you’ve still got most of the warranty left. If you want you can buy an extended warranty too. YOU BENT MY FUCKING VALVES, I’M NOT PAYING FOR AN EXTENDED WARRANTY TO PROTECT MYSELF FROM YOUR INEPTITUDE. I’ll wait until tomorrow and hopefully will be cooled off before I call the salesman back.


Have an STi for your time.

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