Mudding And Modding A Razor E300 - Disc Brakes!

Some of us like the new rigs, others prefer classic motoring. Despite this, you’re hard pressed to find anyone out there that prefers drums over disc brakes.

I’m no different, and will proudly state that Disc Is God. My Razor scooter has had some mods over the years, and packs plenty of grunt, but oh god is the stock band brake awful. It was time for an upgrade.


It required the fabbing of Custom Bracketry (TM), something I grew more than familiar with in my stint as an agricultural engineer. It also called for a longer brake cable; thankfully a tandem unit was perfectly sized for the task.

Overall, braking performance was greatly improved, and I did many a mad skid. What more could a boy want? Oh, also - burnouts. And I got stuck in the mud. Much fun!

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