Some of you may recall that I bought some Toyota mudflaps on eBay, as the Sunchaser wheels kick up a lot of grime on that lovely yellow paint. They do not fit precisely, and some of you gave some recommendations. Then I saw this:

OEM front and rear, something I have never seen anywhere in any condition. Granted, they are worn, but so rare. The metal front ones, in particular, have me drooling. They were listed at $120, then dropped to $100. I am the only one watching, and I offered $75 this morning. The good news is that the other set should fit the Cressida, maybe better than they fit the Celica.


I get a lot of compliments on these wheels. But the problem is that they are 15s, as opposed to factory 14s. My current tires are a little fatter than the last ones, and I am getting a lot of rubbing. Even with the lower profile tires it was a problem. The longer I own this car, the more it is being driven (largely due to repairs making it a better driver). The Italian in me says “the car is beautiful with those wheels, what’s a little rubbing?”, but the driver in me tells me that it makes sense to drop to 14s, and eliminate it altogether, rather than try a lower profile tire to reduce it. Spacers are a no go, as they will make the wheels stick out too much.

But they do not make these wheels in 14s any more. I went down a rabbit hole to try to find a short run they did a few years ago to honor the Rx-7, but I could not find any for sale. As much as I like everything stock, I must confess I like some fancy shoes. Which leads me to the wheels I am considering. These are very expensive, but I really think they would look sharp on the car.


Joe Jackson agrees.

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