I had a couple issues on the Gambler. The biggest was the exhaust, I slammed a muffler on a small stump, bending it up into the drive shaft. I was able to bend it back good enough for the WA Gamber in a few weeks, but the car will need real repairs this fall.

Two other issues were the lack of storage space and the lights. While the overhead halogen lights look cool, no matter how tight I adjusted them they were flopping around all over the place. Up front, the end of the halogen bulbs in the headlights snapped right off in the housings from all the vibrations.

Luckily I had a set of cheapo LED bulbs on my shelf from an experiment on my DD. They plugged right in!

Another issue was storage. To fit in with the cool kids I got a roof basket and figured out how to mount it to my cage. It’s mounted in 5 places, super sturdy (so far). I also put a light bar up top. I like how it looks better than I expected.



I also got a couple small LED fogs to replace the ones up front.

Now I just need to wire them up and build new removable roof panels that work with the rack.