Mueller Testimony Postmortem

If this is the last we see of Mueller—as it very likely is—it was a fitting sendoff. The Robert Mueller who showed up Wednesday was neither party’s caricature of him: Not the duplicitous, Trump-deranged witch-hunter bedeviled by much of the right, not the messianic, giant-slaying #Resistance hero adored by much of the left. Rather, he was just the dowdy old lawyer and public servant who was called on to do a crazily difficult and controversial task, and did it as best he could with the least possible amount of drama or fuss. That was the Robert Mueller we needed, and the Robert Mueller we got. Don’t blame him if we can’t handle the rest.

Andrew Egger, The Bulwark

When Donald Trump was running various businesses into the ground, and nursing his bone spurs, Robert Mueller was earning a Bronze Star for gallantry in Vietnam, which he did after allowing a knee injury to heal so that he could serve. (Mueller also was wounded by a bullet to the thigh, from which injury he recovered, whereupon he returned to combat.) Robert Mueller is a man who, like John McCain, is exponentially the greater man than Donald Trump will ever be and now, Robert Mueller’s final act of public service is to throw his body on the grenade that is Donald Trump’s term in office.


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