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Guess I am now unstoppable in ALL seasons, right? Michelin Pilot Sport AS3+ needs no introduction but here’s the TireRack link anyway. But I got them at Sam’s Club on their Black Friday sale. $130 offa set of 4 with free installation. Tirerack had a similar deal as well but involved Visa prepaid gift card and all that, plus no free installation. Was either this or $20 per tire cheaper BFGoodrich g-Force COMP-2 A/S; Continental DWS 06 was my #1 choice but no deals anywhere this good. They still have it going on if you’re interested:


I literally have 20 miles on this so will wait for the break in before a full review but initial impressions are that it seems to ride smoother but it stiffer when I hit road imperfections. Can’t comment on handling yet but seems to be almost same noise level as the previous tires- Hankook Ventus Noble S1 Nobel 2s-Which are Terrible! I do not recommend them at all. Lasted barely 15,000 miles before wearing down to 3/32s already. It came with the car as a brand new set. Decent in dry but not good enough in the wet. Buy anything except these if you are going for UHP all seasons.

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