Multi-Car Update Weekend!

I had both Thursday and Friday off last week so I made sure to fill my extra days with ALL THE ACTIVITIES! I started it off by taking a girl on her first ever date and ended it at a wedding then with my all time bestie. I made some time for my babies though. ;)


I got him some Vredestein Quatrac 5 tyres in 185/60/15 size. Interestingly enough, I could have gone up to 65s and they still would have fit, oh well.


Anyway, these tyres gave Tucker an inch or two in lift and are quite possibly the best tyres I’ve ever driven on in a smart. They’re quiet, they have crazy good grip, they’re soft. I’m not kidding when I say that these things make Tucker feel brand new again. Wow!

Total cost out of the door was $260 including installation.







I washed her for the first time. Admittedly I forgot the right window is perma-cracked open for now and I got washed a little bit too when the high pressure washers came on.


When I was running out to work this morning I noticed her red paint has a gorgeous bright metallic shimmer to it...something apparently completely hidden by all that dirt.

I’ll have to nab a daytime pic when I get home.


I also got all the supplies to make her rust spots history and to nuke them for good. That’ll be its own detailed post. If it comes out well, I’ll likely end up using the same stuff on Tucker to repair the deep rock chips/damage from egging.

How was your weekend, Oppo?

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