Multiple Motorcycle Update... What the heck is THAT???

Last night I replaced the fuel lines, carburetor, and fuel filter on the CF Moto. I literally had to carve the old fuel line off the fuel tank. This morning I discovered something horrifying...

This is the intake tube. That’s not rust, that’s some sort of...material, that the engine was sucking up.


Let’s check the inside of the intake tube.

What the...It smells like gas mixed with seafoam? Its consistency is also thicker than oil.

Let’s check the airbox itself.


If you zoom in you can see the source of the particulates. I’m not sure if that’s a part of the air filter or not but it has a layer of something that’s actively disintegrating.

I know some starting fluid got into the airbox as I was prepping the scooter for its first start in who knows how many years, but that can’t have been the catalyst...can it??? Where did that oily substance come from? I accidentally wet the air filter of the Gambler scooter with fuel and it didn’t become...THIS.


I drained the tank and the fuel is clean. Sadly this means the poor previous carb had to drink that nasty gummy fuel plus whatever the heck is in the air filter. The rust in the OG fuel filter appears to have been isolated. Still, it contaminated my fresh fuel.

After looking at the airbox I performed another oil change to make sure the engine didn’t implode. Oil is clean. I also checked the coolant, clean.


So I have no idea where that crap in the airbox came from. The worst part is that I don’t remember what the air filter looked like when I got the scoot. I know for a fact the tube wasn’t that destroyed inside.

On another note, I freed the front brake of the Goldwing and got it started. I can now wheel it away to safety. On my to-do list for the Wing is to replace the turn indicator relay and replace the brake light fuse.

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