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Mundane details... Floormat edition

Our 2008 Forester is 100% daily driver for my wife. As long as it starts and drives she has stated she will keep it forever.

I don’t mind this because while she drives it every day, it only goes 5km round trip so in 11 years it has just managed to break over 100K km (~60k miles..)


BUT now for the mundane details - The OEM carpet floormat has popped an eyelet and torn itself off the mounting hook.. I’m sure no one else has noticed but..

-I’m a fan of Weathertech mats, but not spending $200 for them.

-Subaru-ness means GD/GG Impreza mats probably fit, possibly even crosstek mats..


-finding new OEM 2008 parts in the same interior colour not likely..

-Ebay overnight from china options look questionable, but priced right at $45.

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