Murano with Z badge

For those not in the know, the Z generations do have slightly different badges and this is a 350Z one.


Apparently this generation of Murano is called the Z50 and uses the same (though differently tuned) VQ engine as the 350Z (or Z33). I wonder if, internally, this was considered sort of the Z of SUVs? Very glad the marketing team didn’t sully the Z name by trying to force it down buyers’ throats.

Funny story on the pic. At old lady who evidently was watching me walk past through her screen door saw me take it and came out to shout at me across the street asking what I was up to. I approached her and removed the sunnies explained myself and did my best to be courteous (because who takes these sort of pics lol, it’s understandably sus) and deleted the pic for her. Meanwhile she’s studying my face under some belief that it will help if the badge gets stolen. Anyway my phone actually stores recently deleted pics so I could recover it anyway. I mean surely the car is on Google Street view anyway, cool your jets lady.

I think the owner purchased this badge and put it on themselves. They must be some brand of car nerd surely. So the irony of course is that, if the owner had seen me, I’m sure we’d both have had a laugh, reminiscing about Zs we used to own.

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