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Today is a hell of a day. Woke up and was greeted to a dead fuel pump in the Riviera. Grabbed the keys to the Murdersofa and got to work. Called my bank on my 10:00 break and found out I was denied my loan application since I haven’t been employed for 90 days. Also found out I won’t get a paycheck for three weeks due to when I got hired. So now I have no way to get a car, and also will probably run out of gas/food money before my next paycheck. Cool.


On the plus side, my boss finished vetting my work from the past week and said he only caught two minor mistakes, and was incredibly impressed I’m already meeting goals after only being here for three days. Also asked if I wanted to get five hours of overtime this weekend (duh, of course). Si that’s nice.

Going to see if I can get my dad to loan me the money for the 2002 Miata. The Nissan and my Miata have developed phantom power drains and random electrical issues after being submerged, so that’s FABULOUS. So now I have two parts cars and a green Buick with no AC I have to fix up a bit and sell on Craigslist. Fuck everything. I hate relying on my dad like this.

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