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Murdersofa Autocross videos

The first autocross of the year was the 15th so obviously the best time to finally post videos is a week later (duh).

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Run #1 - 57.74

Run #2 - 54.93 + 1 cone

Run #3 - 53.63

Run #4 - 52.88

Run #5 - 51.43 + 1 cone

Run #6 - 51.25

I must have had my shit together on this one. Wasn't able to match this time the rest of the day.


Run #7 - 52.3

Run #8 - 52.09

Run #9 - 52.04

The Murdersofa is actually quite competent with the mods I've done (Intake, exhaust, 91-octane tune, transmission tune, upgraded rear shocks, upgraded front and rear sway bars, wide low-profile tires) and the sway bars reduced body roll a TON.

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