Bought a car because fuck it of course I bought a car. Get hyped.

Alternate title: You Can’t Break What’s Already Broke

$650 got me a running driving 1997 Buick Riviera.



3800 Series II = POTENTIAL.

Two doors

Gran Touring coupe FTW

Boaty floatness awesomeness

World’s lightest steering

World’s coldest A/C

Last two-door Buick

Hardly see them around town (yay unique~)



Nice stock sound system

Automatic climate controls (set temperature and let the wizardry do its magic)

Clean title

That trim piece around the radio is real wood because luxury

No codes




The paint

Surface rust

Driver’s seatback adjust motor jammed

Steering wheel loose

Needs alignment

Needs tires

Transmission slips slightly in 3rd

A/C compressor wheel wobbles and makes the belt chirp

World’s most warped brake rotors

Front shocks are blown because of course

Retractable antenna I give no shits about doesn’t work

Hideous wheels

Seat belt has been “modified” for fat people, need to re-stitch breakaway safety loop


Dry-rotted-to-hell tires are getting replaced tomorrow. Gonna take out the driver’s seat and see if I can do anything about that adjustment motor, and try stitching the seatbelt back tonight. If I have enough time (lol doubt it) I might take a look at the steering wheel hub nut that appears to have backed off.