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'Murica CarFax Request

In honor of the founding of the USA, please assist me with a CarFax check on a 2001 Corvette Z06, VIN 1G1YY12S015116506 - yes, if you look through my previous posts, I swore that I was going to stick with my GTI, and I will. This example may be cheap enough to fight my wife for driveway space for a toy. I’ve wanted one of these for long enough, and it’s local.

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It’s the ‘01, so down a bit on power over the ‘02-’04, but a skilled driver wouldn’t cause that to be a problem at autocross. Several have done great things with an ‘01. Also, given my slightly better than mediocre skill level, it likely won’t matter anyway.

If I can actually keep the conversation with the owner going, I’ll take a look at it in person and see how bad the “paint problems” are. Are there any other problems lurking in the CarFax? Plz hlp.

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