Muricans Did It Better

Lately, Doug Demuro’s been on a tour of 70's European cars, and has made a note of a peculiar quirk in that cars fitted with power windows have PLUGS where the manual window (were it an option) crank would go:

The latest video shows a Maserati Ghibli
Here’s a Lambo Jarama
Here’s a bad picture of the one in the Ferrari Boxer that Doug somehow failed to mention

So they all have garish plastic plugs. We get it. By why do they have to be such OBVIOUS cost cutting measures? Why not make a door panel for power window’d cars WITHOUT the hole?


Do what GM did in the 70's:

Manual crank

Put a neat little insignia there in lieu of a blank ugly plug. Now it just looks like the door panel is reminding you of what kind of car you drive, instead of shouting “WE WERE TOO CHEAP TO MAKE A POWER WINDOW SPECIFIC DOOR PANEL”.


Post other cars with fancy crank window delete plugs in the comments.

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