So my C3 is currently going through a Murphy’s law phase. I kind of expected it considering it’s basically been sitting for 30 years (being driven maybe a couple times a year), but it would be nice to get more than a single drive between issues.

It started when I went to replace the tires (being 30+ years old) and the brakes started getting soft. Get home and find the right rear caliper leaking. Okay, get to work and replace that, bleed the system, take it for a test drive, brakes still don’t feel quite right. Get home from the test drive and notice left front is leaking now. :|

So, I decide I should just replace all 4 calipers at this point. Got that done Saturday, took it for a test drive, everything feels great. Then halfway through the test drive acceleration doesn’t feel right. Do a few tests, yup, clutch is slipping.

Deciding if I want to start working on that now or drive it for the summer as is and just keep off the fun pedal for now until fall gets here. Also still deciding if I want to do it myself too or if I want to take it somewhere.