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Recently I told you that Muscle Milk was pulling it's car from a few races this season, but that they would be back. Today they announced they wouldn't be back at all, and were pulling out of TUSC. As far as I can see, they haven't released a press release yet describing why they withdrew, only a few posts on their Twitter page confirming they are pulling out of TUSC. Now unlike the small exodus from TUSC earlier in the season, I don't know if other teams will follow suit just yet, or stick it out until the end of the season and then book it. If the new IMSA controlled TUSC cannot get teams to stick around, then the whole venture seems doomed. And after a bunch of terrible calls, bad decisions, and unclear rules, they don't have the time nor the ability to mess up anymore races.


Now I really am not a fan of this new TUSC. I don't think the racing is as good as ALMS and how those guys put a race together, but I've given IMSA a chance and I'm not sure how many more chances they have until both the teams and the fans leave, which is sad because you lose an integral part of US auto racing. Losing a major road racing series would put the US racing network back a long ways and cannot happen. Hopefully, the race organizers will see this as a wake up call and fix all the issues. Hopefully.

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