Thank you to ImmoralMinority for the ticket to this really fun event

Took a trip down to LA to drive go karts at K1 Torrance. The event was the Mushroom Rally, a Mario Kart themed race that takes place in multiple locations through the year and the best drivers/ people with the most star points get invited to the Championship in Los Vegas.


I went down and a friend of mine went with me to take a small vacation. Funny story our group of friends were having dinner at this great German restaurant here in SLO and I told them I was going down and my buddy wanted to go to destress before finals. Ah those last minute plans over pints of beer.

Me (final race)

Anyway, we got to K1 the suggested half hour before my race time. Walked in to lots of people in costume (supplied by the organizers), a bunch of games, and go karting.

Me and my buddy that went with me

I got into a Bowser ... I guess onesie? or maybe cheap kigurumi?... for my race. I was in race #3 for the day so while waiting my friend and I just decided to hang out and watch the races since he has done a lot of karting and worked at a karting place. The games didn’t look all that exciting and I was there for the races not the extras. Then came my race. It was quite fun and very interesting since the heat races were all random and you’d have to pass the slow people. We didn’t start in a grid, but rather came out of the pits in a single file trying for the fastest lap time to win.

Look podium and everything
Got a “medal” and a sheet representing the race time via graph, but not really any info on the lines... so useless

I placed second with a very quick time. Then we didn’t know what to do. There was no briefing and felt a bit poorly organized. Finally found someone to ask about other races. Found the top 10 fastest people from all the heats would get to take on a final race. Even in second my time was faster the the 1st places in other heats. So we hung out and enjoyed the place till the final race came up. Now that was a race! With just fast people on the track you could really hammer it around and I made quite the time. Had an asshole not started fighting with me I probably would have gotten faster and placed higher than 4th, but it was an epic time!

I am #4 in this (final race)

Bonus large cats I saw while watching TV that morning

Also he and I have a date this Friday, so thanks again IM!

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