Last two songs [NSFW]

I never said it was going to be a good story. I’m basically just trying to make up for the lack of HBG’s.


So anyway. I used to play football in middle and high school. During the off-season (of all sports, since we had an “athletics” class for everyone who played any sport. We used to play this game that went like this.

They’d take us (In t-shirts and shorts, no pads) and line us up biggest to smallest. Then they’d go down the line numbering us 1 or 2, indicating the team we were on. Then they’d put 3 medicine balls at the fifty yard line and say.

“The goal of the game is to put as many medicine balls into the other teams endzone as you can. The only rules are; no face and no nuts.”

Needless to say, shit got intense. Their’d inevitably be a dog pile at some point and people would run in just smashing peoples fingers, or you’d make a break with and hauling ass with the ball and someone would just grap you by the shirt and horse collar you.


It was a lot of fun. And looking back, it’s kind of surprising they allowed that shit in school in a year beginning with 2. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that sometime I think people are too cautious in letting their kids engage in relatively violent sports/activities. I think it’s good for kids in a lot of ways, because one it teaches you emotional regulation. Despite the lack of rules, no one ever got seriously hurt, because people had to learn what was acceptable on their own. Sure you experienced pain and got mad, but you still had to restrain yourself from actually hurting other people. Another thing is that I think it teaches self confidence. Because theirs a lot of satisfaction and pride in accomplishing something despite physical obstacles from pain to people trying to fuck you up and stop you from what your trying to do.

Idk. I just think sometimes people take the “safety first” thing a little to far.


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