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Welcome to Musical Cars, a feature where I submit a song, and you the listener pick the perfect car to go along with the song. You can pick whatever car, no matter how correct or incorrect. The goal is to be either the best car selection, the worst car selection (basically the opposite of the song), and the most unique car take on the song.

This weekend's song is "Nookie" by Limp Bizkit. Do your wurst (teehee), Wikipedia!

"Nookie" is the first single released from the album Significant Other by Limp Bizkit. It was nominated for "Best Hard Rock Performance" at the 2000 Grammy Awards.[1]

One of the reasons Fred Durst attributes to the song becoming a success is that it's sung slower, and in a fashion where his lyrics are easier to understand, in contrast to his style in Three Dollar Bill, Yall$, where the lyrics in some songs are indistinguishable due to the fast screaming style Fred uses on the album.

As usual, the awards will be Best Car, Wurst Car (I CAN'T STOP), and Most Unique. There will also be a bonus Why Would You, 90's award given to the person who's car best embodies why some cars should not have escaped the terrible Nu Metal era.

Everyone will have until the end of the day Sunday, with the winners being announced at some point Monday morning.

rules edit - You can only pick one car. Please only pick one car. Your second car selection will be removed and given to Linkin Park.


Best Car - Crazedclay, who's mini truck perfectly described the guy who cruised the local strip mall on Saturday nights during the summer, blaring his terrible music, and picking up the high school chicks. This guy probably graduated in the late-90's/early-00's, spent some time in a state facility because of underage girls, and still hangs out at the local public secondary institution of education.


Worst Car - Pontiac Grand Am, courtesy of JasonStern911. This is the car the above guy now drives. It's so terrible, it just fits the "hillbilly Ohio redneck statutory rapist" mold.

Most Unique - Pitchblende's 1999 limo. Yep, that's Fred Durst's career in a nutshell.

Order of business: After this one, there's only going to be one winner, but two runners up. I can't distinguish between classes anymore. Everything everyone posted was so batshit insane/good that I don't even want to classify these things anymore.