Today I remembered the wedding I attended a bit over a year ago: where some drunk guy rambled about being in love with the bride since middle school.


I met a woman that day. We spent the entire wedding together (the part about the guy happened after she had left) She saved her phone number on my phone and sent herself a message.

Anyway, when I woke up the next day, I noticed her profile picture on Whatsapp was hidden. Curious about this, I sent her a dot as a message. It stayed on sent... but never delivered.

She had blocked my number. The next morning I asked the bride’s sister if she knew anything about that. Apparently, she didn’t want to lead me on because she was, most likely, returning with her ex-boyfriend. I made nothing of it for a year...

To my surprise, she appeared on suggested profiles today on Instagram. After very little deliberation; I pressed the correct button.

-Thinking about it, this song might not be the best pairing for this story-

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