Im back to car shopping. Not for me, for me mum. Its been an eye opening experience to not know what you want, but rather just explore the landscape with fresh eyes that are mostly focused on looks and “does it have that special space radio?” as the primary concerns. Have some interesting cars for the rant time.

Illustration for article titled Musing on car shoping
Illustration for article titled Musing on car shoping

The Alfa’s, btw, are much better looking in person. As a whole they don’t really work but they have so many interesting details that its easy to forget. Same for the Gulia

Okay, back to the Mainly I’ve just be taken aback a little on what it would be like to:

a. Buy new

b. Not really sweat the details of the price

c. Not be constrained by the ridiculous demands of the car nerd.

Its, odd. I get why Rav4's sell so well. They just are - Nice tall car.

Same for some others we drove but I do have to say what a HUGE letdown the Forester Touring was. Sure the leather seats were nice and you get the fancies in electronics but the anywhere not touched by upgraded package material felt really cheap and crappy. Not to mention that the color choice with the pretty saddle leather is - white, black and gray. So no color choices. Lame. It really only comes in 2 colors anyway and they both suck so I guess there’s that. Subaru needs a better choice above the Forester than the outback.

We also test drove an XC60 and...sure I guess. Its a much nicer vehicle and it wasn’t bad in any particular way. It was just kinda...there.

Lastly I wish to rant about salesman.

“hey I only have a few minutes before I have to get back to work.” Does NOT mean

“please have a seat while I talk up the product.”

“we’d really like to take a quick test drive to get driving impressions.” Does NOT mean.


“here push this button, now this one, now this one...isn’t that neat, you can get weather on your dash, okay now push this button here and you can...”

NO ONE I’ve ever met likes a salesman can’t listen to what a customer wants out of the experience so they can continue their salesman ways. LISTEN TO THE WORDS I AM SAYING TO YOU.


Also, Volvo let us take a 50 grand vehicle for as long a test drive as we wanted without even asking for a drivers license.

Toyota needed a drivers license, an insurance card and they STILL wanted to ride along.



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