Today at work, I went to a building that had a rather large and complex parking garage system. As some of you may have read from my bullshit article, I haven’t been very pleased lately with all of the awesome things about my Corvette. Today kind of had me thinking about the car again.

Also, holy hell Oppo. I can’t believe how many of you took that article seriously. I complained that it was too fuel efficient, too reliable, too spacious, and had too much cargo capacity. I mean, really? I bitched about the turn signals because it’s ridiculous enough that Oppo complains about them at all. I realize there’s only so much to say about a car before getting bored, but come on, we need to get back to the essence of driving. And in that respect, my Corvette is fucking awesome.

Now, as I was at this parking garage, I was in my 08 Scion xB. I use this car everyday because a) it’s high riding and comfortable and b) it copes with the horrible downtown traffic I’m in every single day. The Corvette’s a wonderful vehicle, but driving it a block at a time in first gear over pothole-ridden roads just get old quickly.


Picture doesn’t really do justice to well. Shit was way steeper than it looks.

Back to the point. at this parking garage I had gone over a number of rather logs bumps and elevation changes. Mixed with that was some seriously steep and short rises to ascend up the garage levels. The Scion made it up fine and through fine because, well, it’s a normal car. But as I was through some of this I thought, “My Corvette wouldn’t make it through any of this”

In Kansas, everything really is pretty flat. Hills are treated like rollercoasters here. However, going through this I kind of realizes why the Corvette isn’t popular all around the country. It’s a very low-riding car and I’m guessing that just isn’t easy for some to live with. It’s scrape city getting into my own driveway; I wouldn’t have even made it up to the second level of this particular garage.


On a entirely unrelating note, the Corvette is for sale. There’s nothing wrong with it and nothing I really don’t like about it. Selling it was always the plan; I flip cars. However, as my ‘college career’ ends here in the next month or so, I’m looking at possible buying a sports car that I may keep for a bit. Something to enjoy for being a car, and enjoy having a salary instead of selling a car immediately for private.

Enter the photo from above: Porsche Cayman S.


The logical choice is clearly buy another Corvette; C5 or C6. They’re great cars and I can’t go wrong with either. However, I tend to hop around cars and buy different things every time. I just like to try new things, I suppose. I’ve had a German car before, E46 BMW, but it was a 166k mile car. My hope is that picking up a well treated, low miles (<60k) example would fair far better in terms of reliability.

What also appeals to me is the prestige. I’m sure it’s every bit as wonderful and great-handling as journalism trumpet it to be, and that really is why I like it. However, in the Midwest, Corvette’s are very common. There are 18, including mine, in the square mile I like in and that is not a joke. Nobody around my parent’s neighborhood had a Porsche, and it isn’t a very common vehicle here in Wichita, KS. I do particularly enjoy the idea of owning and driving my own nice Porsche simply for the sense that damnit, I’m doing pretty well. And then of course, slay motherfuckers at autocross with it.


The issue right now is that I haven’t driven one before, which clearly is the most important part yet. Zero are in town for sale and my schedule has been too hectic anyway to try it out. I went to Carmax hoping to test a Cayman R (The only Cayman for sale in town,) but it had sold so I drove a C6 Grand Sport.

I’ve bought numerous cars without driving before, but this is where I appeal to Oppo. Anyone have experience with 1st-Gen Cayman’s before. I’m all ears to any first-hand knowledge anyone could lend. And if anyone wants to know anything about the C5 Vette, I’ll answer any questions there.