I took the day off of work to go to the NYIAS. I’d always wanted to go, so I hopped a bus and made the journey.

Most visually impressive car to me was a cross between the Buick Avenir and the Genesis New York. Both of these vehicles looked fantastic. Too bad Buick won’t build theirs, hopefully Hyundai will though.

The winner for best show floor carpet goes to Subaru, of all manufacturers.

It was nice to see the old Volvos on top of the display, but they shouldn’t have been on top of the display. Unless these cars were 20 footers, then that makes sense.


The manufacturer that seemed to have the most buzz/people around was Dodge. People just couldn’t get enough of the Charger and Chalenger.

One odd thing that I found a little humorous was the Mitsubishi brought the refreshed Mirage in hatchback and sedan forms. But they were locked. I get locking a Porsche, or a Range Rover. But a 12k Mitsubishi? Really?

Another oddity to me was the Scion display. It talked about how Toyota set out to make a different kind of car company and how much of a success it was. Umm, if it is such a success, why is Toyota folding Scion?

Finally, my biggest disappointment was the lack of space in cars. Now, I’m not a small guy (6'1), but I hardly fit in anything. In the Camaro I felt claustrophobic. Even the full size trucks didn’t have much decent legroom where I wasn’t banging my knees on the center console or doors. The vehicle with the most legroom? The Mini Cooper. What happened, automakers? You used to be able to make cars that were roomy. I’m looking specifically at Honda, they used to be great. Now, they’re a big disappointment. While I like the Fit, I don't think you could drive one if you were over 5'7 or so.