Ok, so I’ve spent the last few days traveling around the Denver/Fort Collins area in a borrowed late-model Sienna. Here are a few observations:

-Contrary to my expectations, the driver’s seat of a Sienna is not such a bad place to be, as long as you’re not looking for driving excitement. As a basic transportation appliance that you don’t need to think much about, this thing excels.

-Driving here is VERY different from the East Coast (PA, MD, NJ, NY) driving that I’m used to. All these north-south and east-west roads all at right angles to each other is kinda weird, and any kind of road closure or construction wreaks all kinds of havoc on the system. On the other hand, the 75-MPH limits are nice, and Coloradans (is that a word?) appear to have mastered the art of flouting the limit en masse. Flying along with traffic doing 85-90 in formation is fairly common.

-When the roads do get twisty, they get REALLY twisty. We visited Estes and Rocky Mountain National Park, and the breathtaking drive through the canyon made me long for my Mustang convertible back home in PA.

-The bicycle culture here is amazing. So many people riding so many different kinds of bikes. It’s not unusual to see a department-store Huffy mountain bike, a vintage Schwinn Varsity, a beach cruiser, and a high-end Gary Fisher chained to the same rack downtown.


-ohmygod... SO. MANY. SUBARUS.