Musings from the world's biggest Veyron Anti-fan

In response to yesterday's article about the Veyron's near future successor I thought I'd share a cataloged and concise version of the reason why the Veyron was so great. Was it the speed, the luxury, or the exclusivity? No, it's because of how much it pissed people off, irrationally so. Granted most of these people are teenagers who if I may quote mastawyrm from yesterday, are pissed because

"it isn't a race car(but a touring car of sorts) and they get disappointed in video games when they can't destroy everything with it"


but nonetheless it can't be denied that for some reason the Veyron has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way in it's storied 10 years on this green earth.

So I thought I'd share my own personal experience in the YouTube comments section of the popular video I'm sure everyone here has seen at least once,

But that video is old news. Let's get to the part that made you all click on this post, the musings from what I think might be the biggest Veyron opponent that I've encountered at least, and by extension because I am the most important, the world.


He goes by the name of "A car lover" and from what I can tell works for Koenigsegg.

I make a few appearances in the comment section as well under the name "1pfuller", because partaking in a YouTube comments argument is the most rational decision I've made before or since. Let's get started, some of these are in response to other comments but a lot are in response to himself, Smeagol style.


"This is the worst car ever built. A koenigsegg Agera one:1 and Agera r would easily pass this gayron supersport top speed like nothing. And a Ferrari FXX did 1:10.7 around this track which embarrasses that ugly pig."

"Yea right. Koenigsegg also has luxury. Stop thinking that this veyron SS is the fastest. It's not. It's the koenigsegg one:1 will looks way more sexier than bugatti. And who says I'll afford one? Why would I want a fat ass pig"


"Also why do you think the SS performs good? It can only go in a straight line... Nothing more. It does horrible on track"

"Koenigsegg doesn't fall apart. When done braking it can just continue on like nothing happened"


"The ccx doesn't have a broken gear box"

"You dumbass... The agera rs top speed is said to go 273 mph. You stupid fuck, no one knows the top speed of either koenigseggs. The koenigsegg that hit 245 is the CCR. The agera one:1 will pass the veyron supersports top speed easily, because it has more power, less weight, and more aerodynamics. Don't be a veyron fanboy."


"I love what he said. Everyone has to move on. Bugatti is no more. Welcome to the koenigsegg era"

"The Agera one:1 is the fastest. More power, more torque, and less weight than this VW beetle that sounds like a vacuum cleaner"


"What the hell is your problem?? I'm not a fucking kid you idiot. I'm just tired of all these damn fanboys thinking that this car is the fastest when it's not. Mind your own business, this argument was over until you showed up. If you love bugatti then tell you bugatti loving friends to grow the fuck up and realize that this... VW beetle is not on top anymore. Please! It's just fucking annoying"

"Koenigseggs are also luxury, just not the S Hundra. Bugatti veyrons sounds like. Vacuum cleaners, like wtf"


"Definition of all Veyrons - tuned VW beetles with 16 cylinders and 4 turbos made for a straight line. The best super car in my opinion is the 458 italia, and the Koenigsegg one:1 will beat that fucking... Overhyped ford gt because all these damn Americans do is tune, tune, tune for a straight line, they have no racing passion what so ever."

Yeah, I'm done. Happy Friday!

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