No SR20 on any of this because driving, but yeah, I saw a hitchhiker (full pack, etc.) with his thumb out - on the exit ramp between I294 NB and the Kennedy IB. So, right by O’Hare, but neither headed toward the airport nor away from it. Strikes me as an awful place to hitch - and it’s currently 5 degrees out.

Also saw a guy in a big Ford crew cab pickup (F250?) with the FX4 Offroad package, plus permanent running boards hanging down, and an exhaust tip about 12" in diameter hanging even lower than the running boards. Seems like there’s some conflict there...

I kinda like the look of the new Navigator - was alongside a salt-covered long wheelbase for a while, and it looks good - but it’s ginormous.


Finally - more hate for the new Camry. Followed a higher trim model for a bit, and there is so much shitty black trim on the back of it that should not be black (spoiler, fake vents, etc), it’s ridiculous. And having 2 exhaust tips on the right, and a blank cutout for two more on the left (4 cyl I presume) looks just dumb.

Anyhoo, this summarizes my stream of consciousness for the last hour...

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