Musings on vinyl decals

When I got the Phaeton seven years ago, I was convinced I’d never put anything in the window, save for my college sticker and the occasional parking permit. Well, I guess I got the 7-year itch, because I found a couple of little decals while at the beach and grabbed them for the back window. I figured they were small and not completely tasteless, so why not?

Well I got done applying them and smoothing them out with a credit card like the instructions said. As I stood back admiring my handiwork, I noticed something. My little Cape Cod shark was facing the wrong way. Dumb moment for me? You bet:


I Googled a bit, and apparently you’re supposed to put these things on the outside of the window, not inside like I did. But to me, that just seems like a bad place to put it. What happens in the winter, when you’re brushing and scraping ice?

Oh well. Cape Cod’s facing the wrong way. I think I’ll live with it.

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