Must be one of those days

I’m lactose intolerant. So I order some Kirkland Signature Fast Acting Lactase from Amazon. Instead I get this:


But wait, there’s more!

I also notice that someone in my subdivision can’t park and has their vehicle and trailer halfway on my lawn. I keep to myself so I really don’t know my neighbors as well as I should (plus I’m surprised that I’m not that happy with my HOA for allowing renters — it bums me out that the moment you try to get to know them, they leave).

Offending vehicle looks just like this one, but with a beat up U-haul trailer hitched to it. Then again, ALL U-HAUL TRAILERS ARE BEAT UP.

Hold a sec...oddly, I think the cops just came by to make them move it.

Yes, I called non-emergency cop number. It’s wet and cold and I’ve been at work for nearly 11 hours and I took pictures and no one was around and I’m tired and don’t feel like dealing with it. So I put my tax dollars to work😂.


Plus I’m 99.99999% sure it was unintentional whoever did it.

*looks out window*

Yep, it’s been, I hope the cop was cool with them. I just want everybody to happy.


At least as best as possible.


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