Must be the Holidays! [Updated]

Update Dec 13 - I am shocked, shocked I tell you that this package didn’t arrive by 8PM on Dec 12! Who could have guessed? Not I. Amazon sent a generic “we’re pretty sure it is still on the way!” but gave no additional details.

Thankfully, after I contacted support they offered to cancel the order and refund my money or give me $5 to wait it out.  I accepted the former, though I probably could have got both, TBH. I’ve got a re-order on the way and a couple of the items are a few bucks cheaper so... winning?

Original Post from Dec 12:

Amazon’s B-Team C-Team is in full force. Stuff was ordered Dec-9, “shipped” Dec-11, “is arriving” Dec-12, but hasn’t actually left Amazon yet.


Sigh. I know if I call support they’ll “apologize” and tell me to wait “just a few more days.” Maybe I’ll even get an automated email about it! >_<

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