Went and jump started this last night. Battery was so dead it would die if I took it off the jump box so I hooked up some jump cables and set a new battery in the passenger seat so I could drive it out of the weeds.

After a couple seconds to let the fuel reach the engine it fired right the hell up. Tires were all holding air, power steering worked (albeit with a little noise), brakes work, lights work, hell, even the *WINDOW WASHER* works. Took the battery out and added some water to it and gave it a 120 amp 30-minute jolt then put it on The Battery Unfucker (tm), aka a really expensive battery reconditioner that can somehow make complete junk usable for another two years.

I love these gauges.


Things it needs: door hinges ($20), driver’s door glass ($120 new, but there are a couple part-out fox bodies I can get it from cheap), passenger seat belt tensioner is a bit fucky, front right wheel needs balanced. Other than that it’s pretty rock solid and even the steering has very minimal play for “78k miles” (I’m guessing that’s rolled over at least once).

Drove about 20 miles and put 5 gallons of gas in there to dilute the 5-year-old gas that was in it and by the end of the night it was definitely feeling up on power. There’s a rattle from either a heat shield or broken cat converter but that’s basically a non-issue. I am optimistic.