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Mustang attack (SCCA Runoffs)

This is blowing up my facebook right now. Yellow car is pissed for some reason, stops on track and waits for the race leader (white car) to come around. When the leader comes around, the yellow car intentionally hits him, and spins him off the track.


The white car still won the race.

From the original poster (and videographer, Nick Feathers):

“Sloe was P3 but was pissed about not getting P1 after contact at the beginning of the race between him and mcdermid. Hosni was p1 and mcdermott was p2 but hosni had a mechanical so mcdermid went to p1. With 2 laps to go sloe coasted down with what was presumed to be a “mechanical”, but the engine was running the entire time. He stopped near the top of the hill in T5, but stuck it in neutral and coasted back down the hill backwards closer to the middle of the track...just enough so he could get the angle of mcdermid entering T4 in his rear view mirror. Mcdermid entered 4 on the last lap and sloe seen him, gunned it and dive bombed him intentionally in T6 hitting mcdermid’s right rear spinning him. Mcdermid still recovered and won the race...then did a big burnout in front of sloe on the victory lap.”

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