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Mustang Cobralopnik


Hi guys, this is for my broseph-in-law. He has a 1999 Cobra and his rear differential mounts broke off. We’ve been doing some research but there are still a few questions we have.


1999 Cobras have a differential (28 spline) that’s not compatible with a pre-99, nor a 2001 (as it’s 31 spline). 2000 cobras are all Cobra Rs (good luck finding one of those), So it has to be from another 99 Cobra, right?

You can swap over to 31 spline axles for a 2001/2002 (31 spline) differential, but a 2003/2004 is much stronger.


We’ve seen 31 spline conversion axles, but they all say GT/Bullitt/ etc, just not Cobra, or they’re for a pre-99.

Can you use 28 spline axles from another Ford? Can you use 31 spline axles from a different car?


Also, last question, do 99 cobra differentials share their pumpkin with any other car? That’d be the easiest.

Please let us know folks, thank you!

p.s. Finding a 99 Cobra differential for sale is nearly impossible, if there are any for sale that you know of online (I’ve tried my google/ebay/craigslist-fu, but no luck), please post them up.


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