Mustang got new shoes

In dispose.

After 3 years and just shy of 50k, the Mustang in the household got the first money spent on it outside of Svending supplies, oil and oil/air/cabin filters. I gave it a wash this morning and then loaded the wheels up for a trip to discount.


Good riddance to these H-rated Hankooks Ford put on the car from the factory. They only positive attribute was they wore like rocks, which they should’ve with a 700 treadwear rating. 50k is the longest any car in the family has gotten out any set of tires, ever. They felt like a poor choice for the car. That 700 TW rubber was as lacking in the ultimate grip department as one would expect, and the sidewalls were way too soft for our liking (235/55/17). They were pretty bad on a wet road from the day they were new. These still had a few 32nds before the wear bars, but today was a convenient day to replace them and I’m fine with this car having some fresh, full-tread depth rubber for our monsoon season that is just around the corner.

Somewhat unexpectedly, the new shoes are Ohtsu FP0612 in 235/55/17 in W-speed rated flavor and 360 TW. I had planned to tell Tirerack to send me a set of Sumitomo HTR AS P/02 for an ultra-high performance all-season tire, but decided to check what Discount Tire was offering locally first.

These are the former Falken ZE 612. Ohtsu, Sumitomo and Falken are all the company under Sumitomo group, with the general arrangement these days on passenger car tires as Sumitomo and Falken being the “flagship” brands and the previous generation of designs being sold under the Ohstu brand through folks like Discount Tire for a song. For $68/tire, they’ll do fine for this car.


I’m expecting we’ll get 20-30K out of that 360 TW rated tire, which will be perfectly fine for the price and performance category on a 300hp, RWD sportscar. My parents ran the V-rated version of this tire for time on their 2014 Accord Coupe, and they were fine. Not amazing, nor especially long lasting, but just fine.


Initial results are positive. The sidewalls are definitely a bit stiffer, which trades a bit more transmission of small road imperfections like cracks for noticeably sharper turn in. Peak grip is improved, and they fell progressive approaching and exceeding the limit of adhesion. These aren’t dedicated summer only tires, nor will they ever do a lap around a track, but they feel like good match to the use of this car. This base model mustang will always be a 9/10ths car on a twisty road , but at least it no longer feels like it has fuzzy-slippers for shoes. The overall difference is what I expected going from an H-rated 700 TW tire to a W-rated 360 TW tire.

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