The air conditioner is still leaking. Sigh....

The lack of A/C made itself known when making our last big road trip of the year. I took the car in for service when we got back, and the dealer filled it with refrigerant and put dye in the system. I got it back with the instructions to run it 500 - 1000 miles and bring it back.

It took a bit, but I put 800-ish miles on it and took it back.

And they still can’t find a leak. They told me to run it another 1000 and bring it back again.

I know that small leaks are hard to find, but the ongoing process is a bit frustrating. I did talk with the service adviser and explained that the car was probably going to sit for most of the winter, didn’t know how long it would be before I would put another thousand on it. He said no problem, they would keep the ticket open until I brought it back.


So, the car is getting an occasional local trip when the roads are clear, and we will make a longer road trip with it this spring. In the meantime, it will go to a local shop in a week or two for custom leather seats in the front, as well as having the fuzzy stuff on the rear deck replaced - I had a couple of devices mounted up there with Velcro, and it kind of messed up those spots. I won’t make that mistake again.

After that, I plan on installing a bump-steer kit to help tame the twitchyness that I’ve experienced in bumpy curves at speed. I’ll be interested to see if it actually makes a noticeable difference in the handling under those circumstances.

I’ll be excited to make some trips once the leather is in and the bump kit is installed... assuming we can get the air conditioner fixed!