Mustang OPPOs?

Quick recap- my wife and I are currently sharing a car while she’s unable to work, however she should be able to work again in a month or so at which point we will want a second car. My search has led me to s197's lately, I especially love the rare glass roof. My main debate is, 4.6 v8 or the newer 3.7 v6? I’m coming from an NC and I don’t really want a 400+ hp monster, I think the 300ish of both those engines would be perfect. I still worry though that I would always have a tinge of v8 envy if I went for the later v6 instead, but aside from the sound I think the v6 would be a better fit. So which would you choose? I haven’t started test driving yet but maybe this weekend. V8 rumble and maybe more reliable? Or better gas mileage and ride with the newer v6? Styling wise I think I prefer the later facelift slightly too. Just needs a purple wrap.

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