Mustang: Svended

Now that I’m done with living roomlopnik, I spent Sunday having Mustang day. It got an interior detail, oil change and service and an wash/wax/detail. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a clay bar and coat of wax. It was in need of some attention, and it never turns down some fresh Mobil One and new filters. I didn’t actually dress the exterior trim since I was out of my preferred product for that.

I still love what a good deal this car was. This is a 2016 base model V-6 Mustang with not a single option on it, yet it still has all the power stuff, accessories, a perfectly decent sound system and it pairs with phones in basic way and whatnot. It was $21,900 off lot (before taxes, ymmv) in 2016 for a brand-new, 300hp, rwd with an LSD, sports car with a 6-speed manual that returns close to 30mpg on the highway on regular fuel. I’m not sure there was a better bang for the buck car, period.


This isn’t my daily driver (I would’ve gone for an Ecoboost with the performance pack, or a V6 camero in the class), but it is great for what it is. Still mid-5 seconds 0-60 and reasonably well handling. If I had to fault anything with this particular car, it would be that in base suspension trim will taller, softer-sidewall rubber, it is more of a 9/10ths car on a canyon road. Not that it won’t do 10/10ths, but it gets a bit sloppy at the limit and loses some composure. The S550 with the performance pack solves this problem nicely.


The Mustang has about 49k on it, as it was a big mileage highway commuter the first two years of its life. Now that we live in town, it lives much like my truck in that it only gets driven far enough to reach operating temperatures when running errands or going out of town on the weekends. The front brake pads still look almost new, which makes sense for a car who’s mileage was almost exclusively accumulated on an 80mph interstate with light traffic.

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