I honestly had no idea what I was getting into. After an autoshow this spring I found this 2017 with 4900 miles for sale not far away. I had the money... why not? I’ve never had a car like this before. The mountains are right there......

Know what? Let’s get it repainted too... Autoflex Dip to be safe.

And that when she came alive. This color absolutely sings in the sun. Even after hammering the shit out of a dirt road the glow radiates out from a thick layer of dust.


I freaking LOVE this car on a twisty road and there are so many of those right outside of town. 1 or 2 hours goes a long way especially when you get a feel for which way the traffic flows at different times of the day.

The body sway, the lightness of it -I freaking want to lose weight to get even more out of her.  Not a log of acceleration but that’s FINE.  Everything Jalop has been saying for years....  Such a joy!

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