AKA: I lost my keyes and asked for the company car to attend a meeting.

Engine: has cylinders

Power: yes

Torque: no

Seats: plenty

Gearbox: 5+R manual

Clutch pedal: as hard to operate as a b777.

Size: the same as a CX3, a crossover

Body style: hunchback of Notre Dame with 5 doors

Year: one in which safety regulations stayed in the ninties

Weight: a little under a lot, a bit above too little

Tire compound: harder than a rejection

Cost: company car

Fuel consumption: infinitesimally small

Driver: TAE
Experience with manual gearboxes: Sufficient
# of stalls in traffic: zero bitches!

Hot take: This is a fun little car that is slow car-slow, and makes you remember you need to be greatful for forced induction/ large displacement engines.


The clutch has no bite, and is as communicative as a ponzi-scheme manager pleading the 5th amendment in a federal court.