My $0 Electric Dirt Bike is back on the road! (Update: busted my ass trying to do a wheelie.)

I turned 15 3 days ago. To celebrate, I spent the day fixing my Razor MX500 electric dirt bike. As some of you may know, I picked this thing up free from a friend who was going to throw it away after moving to Florida. Well, a couple of months ago, the motor blew up and the batteries burnt out, and I thought that was the end of that bike. I decided instead to fix it, so I bought some bigger batteries and a used motor from an MX650., and now the damn thing is back on the road! Now it’s time to paint


*Update*: just when I thought everything was fine in the world of motorcycles, today I tried to pull off a wheelie, and I managed to do it. Then I tried to do another one, that didn’t end so well. I ended up flat on my ass. So now I managed to break a piece of the plastic body on the bike 

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