Since I Like Car’s... asked about the high view count for their Elantra GT Review, I stated that Oppo has a secret thing for Korean cars. Well, since everyone likes shallow proof for trivial musings, I realized that the new Kinja format makes it easy to look back on view counts and was horrified by the truth!

Hyundai Elantra Facelift is So Edgy - 19.8k Views

Genesis G70 Update - 8.8k Views

New Kia Stingers are Getting Cheaper - 7.3k Views


2020 Kia Soul - 6.7k Views

Hyundai Palisade, You Say? - 4.4k Views


I Poked a Genesis G70 - 4.1k Views

This Brand New Modified Kia Stinger GT2 is Nearly $17,000 Off - 3.7k Views


Only Three People Bought an Acura NSX in July - 2.4k Views

2007 BMW Z4 M Coupe for $22,250 - 2.2k Views


2020 Kia Telluride - 1.8k Views

Actually, the truth is even though I’ve slacked off on posting since my job changed earlier this year, I still post a lot of Korean car content when I do get around to writing something up. (You’re welcome!)


Still waiting for the day I can freely talk about my favorite brand, Maserati, without getting comment-shanked. Half the reason I want to buy one sooner rather than later is so I can have credibility when I finally share what I’m MOST passionate for.