My $12.95 watch was mistaken for a Brietling!

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My company mandated uniform compliance timepiece - we have to wear a watch. Employee handbook says so - was mistaken for a Brietling from ten feet away. This is the exact watch. It’s sexy enigmatic features include a digital half that couldn’t keep time and a mechanical part that kept amazing time, courtesy of the China V2 movement. The casing slowly wore to it’s natural brown metal color and when it broke after four years, I figured I got my money’s worth.


The story goes as follows. I got out of the airplane. In the jetway the next crew was about to get in and one of the pilots said, “Dude, is that a Brietling?”

(my first clue was the introduction of, Dude!)

“Nope!” I smiled big, “It’s a Coleman camping. It’s twelve bucks!” another smile followed as I proudly displayed my fabulous showcase prize.


“Oh...” He quickly went out the side door and down the stairs to the ramp to do a walk-around inspection of the plane. Quickly.

Quite a few pilots out there love big watches. Fancy watches. I’m really not caring anymore. It’s an accessory to proper dress if anyone is interested in being properly dressed and viewed by the public (I don’t care about that either) and lately Apple want’s you to believe it’s part of your life and you’re missing out on the style (notice how the commercials dont say anything about what it actually does?). But, I disagree. It’s for telling the time. I’m not interested in displaying my wealth. I’m interested in saving my money and I was not dumping $2,500 on the the cheap TAG/Heuer, or a used real Brietling, when I was still renting a small apartment. Some people I work with do just that. They also have weird ideas about stuff and things. Now, I’m not playing down luck here. Some guys got theirs as a graduation present or something like that.


So, I’m proud to have proven in a scientific environment (real life at work) that fancy watches only mean something to people when you’re right next to them and you can tell them all about it, assuming they care of course.

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