Diesel Hunchback

My 135i is still in the body shop for another week. Have had this replacement car for the past 3 weeks now. Its a 320d GT F34.

The 118i had a few weeks ago got replaced because of a flat tire (I know I’m spoilt)

Pretty amazing to be honest. Unfortunately won’t get many buyers because of the x3 and x5. Not very pretty to look at but it gets amazing gas mileage (600miles per tank in the city I’m getting). Pretty decent pick up around town for such a small engine in a heavy car. A lot of room for passengers and a huge boot.

Active aero on a diesel family car...

It’s making me appreciate just how nice bmw are these days. Everything just works perfectly. The HUD is amazing, the backup cameras are precise. Nothin is half-arsed. It’s definatley ugly, and for my own my money I’d get a wagon. But it goes to show how deep the quality runs in the bimmer line-up. Hopefully the reliability issues of the early 2000s are going away, which I think is likely based on how solid this thing feels.


I think I’m now spoilt by the bimmer life.

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