From a neglected , rusty, water damaged pile sitting on AutoZone rims that had been driven headlight-first into a chain draped across someone's driveway, to cosmetic perfection in 12 months, this 97 base has pretty much made every penny spent, worth it.

The order of the pictures are as follows:

1. The day I picked her up last December at 106k on the clock. She needed everything from an new passenger side headlight to a timing belt. The valve cover was leaking so much oil, it made it look like the rear main seal was bad.

2. After a quick wash, I could see how royally destroyed the paint was from having a blue tarp from Home Depot digging into it all winter long. The top latches were also maladjusted which made the thing leak water like a sieve but that and the mold were quickly taken care of. The headlight had been driven into a chain draped across a driveway and it pulled a connecting rod up and backwards. I have to say though for cheap Primax wheels, they look pretty good with the center cap removed but that being said, when I was offered a set of M-edition hollowspokes for $150, I couldn't refuse.

3. I had to get a new headlight assembly and adjust the headlight skins but i think they came out alright. After nearly 4 hours of compounding and polishing, I'd say she's pretty much perfect.