Part of my drive home contains one of those interchanges where a two lane section of highway is used to access multiple on ramp / off ramps, which is to allow the main highway traffic to flow smoother. Well some genius in a Honda Pilot attempted to make a right hand exit from the left lane... DIRECTLY INTO THE SIDE OF A FREAKING SEMI TRAILER.


How do you miss the 80 foot long, 17 foot tall bright white trailer next to you?

So they crash into the rear wheels of the trailer, which causes the car to spin out into another car, totaling both cars and disabling the rig, blocking both lanes of the interchange.

So not only did your incompetent driving cause damage to 3 vehicles and likely multiple injuries as ambulances (multiple) were on site, but your ignorant driving caused a back flow of traffic on 2 separate roadways for almost on hour while authorities cleared a section of the break down lane for other vehicles to pass.