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Okay so I had to resize my image a million times and Kinja is still kicking my behind. So if it shows, great. Anyway I was inspired by the 400k Model X on the front page to post a bit about mine. It’s a 2014 Model s 85, 221k miles and counting, was not a rental. Driving around the Houston Metroplex is a recipe for high miles anyway. Car is on it’s original batteries and everything, wish I had the vehicle logs right now but I will post them later.


It’s been a reliable vehicle. On a full charge I get 243 mile range so 91% of the original estimated 265 miles range so battery degradation has been less than 10%.

Major issues right now are; my sunroof hesitates when opening, it jerks around and requires multiple presses to open. I was told I will be needing some lube right from Elon’s............I’ll just stop right there. I also backed into something, probably knocked my parking sensors out of alignment, hence the park assist unavailable warning. Have a service center appointment for those. Finally, just replaced the rear tires and the fronts are coming up next.


So why the tires? Well let me tell you a little bit about an almost 5000 pound car, with air suspension. When looking at my tires, at first glance, they look just fine. Now if you turn the wheel and look at the inner part of the tire, I am below 2/3rds. While the outer rim of the tire, looks literally brand new.

My model S has what’s called the smart suspension. At certain programmable speeds on the freeway, it lowers itself to improve aerodynamics among there things. The camber changes, becomes more negative (Dont have to pull on my steering wheel). Funny enough I have this disabled. Alignment was done recently and everything was within spec. But it keeps wearing unevenly, tires don’t last past 30k miles. Woe is me, but still I guess free supercharging makes up for it, I fully expect more issues to manifest. I’ve already budgeted for a new MCU. Luckily the drivetrain is still under warranty.


Half debating, slapping it on Turo and letting people rack up the miles. Oh well, let’s fix two thing before I break more.

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