My 2010 Audi A3. I just put a 2016 Tiguan engine in it.

When i bought this car someone on OPPO warned me I was in for some hardcore maintenance issues. I blew it off at the time.

I made it to 135K before something inside the engine showed up in the oil pan. Dealer suspected cam screens blown out or timing chain rubbing. FWIW, There is a lawsuit. I’m just curious so i’ll tear it down later. VW dealership (no audi near me) also estimated about 12K to change it out with a new CCTA engine and clutch parts, and then charged me 400+$ to get that sweet info and my busted car back.

limited edition unicorn Dr Pepper still tastes regular dr pepper.

Audi says it was a bit of a rare car.
“With the sales model code of your vehicle(2.0T, Manual, Sportback), 100 were sold in the US. There were 9 2010 A3's made in the exterior color Brilliant Red, and only two have the Luxor Beige interior.” It’s like some kind of premium mediocre unicorn. Like limited Edition Dr Pepper. This is not bad on rarity for a consumer commuter, amirite?

Wel, the dealer prices reflected it. Damn. 12K in repair scoped on a car worth about 8K on a good day. They are not doing it. I wont spend that. That diagnostic alone was rape-y.

I’m not chicken.

Crap, I still owe 5500 on it. I basically could trade even for a kia soul and three more years of payments. Sorry, I like the KIA but it’s just not my kind of car. At least i wont pay that much longer to own one.

So maybe grab a used engine? even a crate motor...I slimmed it down to 3k in parts. sure. why not.That’s about what the timing service and clutch at Rapey McDealers would have cost to have done.


Hell, it’s LESS.
I guess I’m doing this shit.


Now its probably the only A3 in the USA with a Tiguan engine! Car scrappers (like don’t list them as compatible, but the A3 and Tiguan both shipped with CCTA engines. Just 7 years apart. I took the gamble because i wanted the updated timing internals and any other running updates. I cant be chicken about it if I want to get back running.

I got the newest lowest mileage motor I could find and when it landed I tore the old one out.


7k mile engine built on 5.15.2016, it got the harness 7/16 and with only 7k miles...i doubt it had been on the road an entire year yet. Turbo and harness were included.

all removed
flintstones power @ 4am.
I also had some good beer, which always helps. provided this to me as a favor .

I did most of this engine swap ever 5 very sleepless nights between my kids bedtime and work the next day. Something like 1030pm- 330am give or take. By the end, I was wiped out and slept overnight so the the last day was early to mid morning.

I had a very nice OEM guide for all of the torque specs.

I took my time, replaced engine mounts, filters and a few other small things as needed . Every connector got splooged with dielectric grease. I drank beer and wrenched until I hit hard stopping points.

Fully installed 2016 build date engine into 2010 A3 2.0T 6MT

And then I was done.
I primed it with oil.

I flipped the key.

It burbled awake immediately.

At this point, the driveline is flawless. no CEL, no BS noises. Before you ask, yeah, I sure as heck replaced the clutch/flywheel because I’m not doing this heavy lifting shit again until the car is at least paid off.


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